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Dr Catherine McCarthy provides clinical psychology services through Medicare, WorkCover (trauma treatment for emergency service workers only), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (trauma treatment only). Catherine is an EMDRIA and EMDRAA Consultant and Training Facilitator for Associate Professor Chris Lee's Psychology Training, including EMDR level 1, level 2 and children and adolescent training. 

Catherine trained both in Australia and the UK, completing her doctorate at the University of East London, where she trained and worked in secondary and tertiary care NHS teams. Catherine has a particular interest in working with mental health difficulties related to developmental trauma and neglect, including Complex PTSD and dissociation. She also regularly provides intensive EMDR for recent, prolonged and ongoing traumatic stress to the military, veterans, emergency services, health and social care workers. 

Catherine is a member of the Trauma Recovery Network and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 2: Complex Trauma. Alongside EMDR, Catherine also regularly uses imagery and nightmare rescripting, CBT, parts work, schema, somatic, polyvagal, compassion focused, attachment, HRV biofeedback, and relational approaches.

Catherine takes an neurobiological, evidence-based approach to the assessment and treatment of trauma and neglect. Her approach values collaboration, building a strong therapeutic relationship in which clients feel safe and understood, to develop an individualised formulation and treatment plan. 

Catherine has been committed to understanding trauma, recovery and post traumatic growth since witnessing her veteran parent successfully recover from PTSD in later life. She understands first hand the devastating impact of trauma on the individual, their families and communities and is passionate about supporting her clients on their road to recovery. 

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