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EMDR for Recent Critical Incidents, Prolonged Adverse Experiences and Ongoing Traumatic Stress


Catherine offers a number of evidence-based AIP and EMDR protocols for recent, ongoing and prolonged traumatic stress, including ASSYST, PRECI, IGTP, RTEP and GTEP protocols. Catherine enhances these protocols through EMDR 2.0 techniques. These protocols can be delivered to individuals and groups, either face to face or remotely.


Catherine provides this treatment to first responders, emergency, critical care and other healthcare and social care workers experiencing acute traumatic stress symptoms after a critical incident/event(s). Catherine also provides this treatment to other suitable clients who have not experienced a period of safety and stability post trauma, including those impacted by violence, climate-related and other natural disasters. This treatment can also be used for those who have experienced prolonged adverse experiences, such as survivors of abuse and neglect. 

These protocols can be delivered blind to therapist, which means you do not need to talk about what has happened. Treatment involves an initial 50+ minute session to assess suitability, followed by two treatment sessions of 80+ minutes each delivered over 2-3 days. Typically, treatment is completed over 1-2 weeks. Organisations are welcome to get in touch to discuss how Catherine can support your staff who require individual or group EMDR.   

This treatment is not recommended for those who are acutely suicidal or in crisis, or, those with active substance or alcohol misuse issues who cannot abstain on treatment days. Please get in touch to discuss other treatment options.   

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