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Consultation and Supervision 

Catherine is an EMDRAA and EMDRIA Consultant and Training Facilitator and Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) Approved Supervisor, including for clinical psychology registrars. Catherine is passionate about supporting the next generation of therapists to develop their assessment, formulation, relational, and clinical skills and she offers individual and group consultation and supervision. Catherine has worked in public and private settings, including in a number of secondary and tertiary level services for adolescents and adults in Australia and the UK. Catherine supervises registrars through to experienced therapists who wish to develop their skills working with trauma presentations, through a reflective practice lens, informed by the British Psychological Society's non-pathologising, anti-oppression Power Threat Meaning (PMT) framework.  

EMDR Association of Australia (EMDRAA) outlines the consultation requirements for basic training and to become an accredited practitioner and consultant. It is worth checking the website as requirements can change.


  • 50 hours of EMDRAA accredited training (typically level 1 and level 2)

  • Ten hours of EMDR therapy consultation

  • Complete the EMDRAA training log

  • The cost per participant for small group consultation is $150+GST. The groups are for 1-2 hours depending on numbers. Groups are capped at 6 participants.

ACCREDITED PRACTITIONER*.  After completing basic training you must:

  • Have at least one year of clinical experience

  • Ten sessions with an accredited EMDRAA consultant (50% must be individual)

  • Used EMDR therapy with a minimum of 25 clients

  • Used EMDR therapy in at least 50 sessions

  • Have an EMDR therapy session reviewed by your EMDRAA consultant using a validated fidelity scale

  • Complete the application form, including obtaining two referees

  • The cost per participant is $175+GST for group consultations. Groups run for 1-2 hours, depending on numbers. These groups are capped at 4 participants.

  • The cost of individual consultation is $275+GST per hour

ACCREDITED CONSULTANT*. After becoming an accredited practitioner you must:

  • Have worked with clients with a range of presentations

  • Have used EMDR therapy with a minimum of 75 clients

  • Used EMDR therapy for at least 300 sessions

  • Completed a minimum 24 hours of CPD

  • Have three videos of work reviewed by your EMDRAA Consultant

  • Complete the application form, including 2 referees 

Please get in touch via the contact page to book an initial consult to discuss your needs. Existing clients can make bookings via the client portal. 

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